As the Steve Turns. . .

On a whim, I’m starting a blog. Initially, I was just planning to use this to write out and share my thoughts on the Wheel of Time books as I read my way through the series. After some thought, however, I’ve decided to let this thing be a general blog with which I will discuss movies, books, music, TV, video games, comics, foods, plants, animals, or whatever else I can think of to discuss. I’ll try to title and tag posts according to their subject, so I can keep the actual Wheel of Time posts distinct from other random things. I’ll write up a post about my thoughts on The Eye of the World so far (as I am halfway through the book), so I can almost guarantee my next post will be the inaugural Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan related post.

I’m almost totally new to this blog thing (a few years ago I threw together an online blog for a college project about the film Network), so I’ll have to experiment some with formatting things. If I can pull it off, I hope to share photos and videos as I desire, but I will have to learn how to do these things first. I’m also hoping to update the look and feel of the blog a little, but I’m not sure how much of that I can do with just a free WordPress membership. So, we’ll see. If you’re reading this later on and the page isn’t all the default settings, I worked something out.

I’ll see you later folks as we disembark on MY journey through The Wheel of Time.